Monday, February 25, 2013

Self Portrait

Well, this is me.  It is a rather disturbing image I have to admit. It is an honest portrayal of what life has been like for me for much of the last three years. There has been a sense of being stepped on into the bricks. Loss of loved ones and financial upheaval have been the major contributing factors. My wife died in 2010. I then lost my mother the following year. This past year, I have come very close to being homeless. eleventh hour salvation from family members of whom I am eternally grateful have kept this from happening.  Life on life's terms is agonizingly difficult at times. This past three year period has been especially so. Faith in God and fellowship with others with similar beliefs have kept me from going over the deep end. My new-found participation in art has also been a saving grace as well. When I am involved with art, my mind is almost always in a very good place. It does save!

  I am not going to advertise this post on social media like I usually do. For those who come across this randomly, I apologize if it is disturbing to you. It is honest expression for me, however. Being human, expression, artistically or otherwise is ugly at times, as well as, beautiful.

This project is the combination of a pencil sketch (my face) and two cell-phone photos. I used GIMP for alterations.

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