Monday, February 25, 2013

Georgia On My Mind

It is time to start marching through Georgia!  Please forgive my use of these tired cliches. I know my writing imagination isn't very original.  My main goals in writing are spelling everything correctly and using complete sentences.  Hopefully, with time, my writing will become more polished and original. 

Anyway, the representative bird for Georgia is the Brown Thrasher. This bird is a close cousin of the Mockingbird and is commonly seen throughout the eastern half of the country. I remember seeing it on occasion during my time in Texas.

My tentative plan for this project is to draw the bird with pencil and marking pens. and then download a photo or photos for the background. After that I am un-decided on whether to draw the background digitally from the source photos or just do alterations. It will depend on time and degree of difficulties encountered along the way.  Digital drawing is a much longer investment of time which is inconvenient without your own computer. Stay tuned!  Oops!  There goes another tired cliche.

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