Thursday, September 6, 2012

Delaware Progress

Here is a rough image of Delaware's Blue Hen Chicken.  This is a drawing, not a photo, although I inverted the color values in Photoshop.  I am addicted to playing around with color inversions.  I'm sorry!  I don't really want to tip-off what the colors of the finished product are going to be anyway.  The drawing hasn't been too difficult so far.  It has just been very tedious.  The detail involved with feather patterns have been greater than the other birds that I have drawn.  I can honestly say that I have never drawn a chicken before-even just doodling around.  It has been quite interesting.  I really liked doing the face.  The texturing process was a lot of fun.  I know I have said it before, but digital drawing is a lot different than coventional drawing.  It is very much a sculpting and manipulating process of pixels which are those little squares that make up an digital image.  I have fallen into drawing this way mainly, because I don't have money for art supplies, or a place for an art studio (a place that I can mess up).  Maybe it was meant to be.  In any event, it's a lot of fun and a fascinating process to learn.

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  1. Looking good, Jon. Will be fun to see the end result. :D You are doing a great job on the country's birdies! xxoo