Monday, September 17, 2012

Delaware Update

Here is my progress so far on the Delaware project.  As you can see, the majority of the bird is finished.  It has been slow going like the other projects.  I am still learning as I go.  The drawing process hasn't been that difficult.  There are just some complexities involved with the color patterns and the shapes of certain aspects of the drawing.  This is what takes time.  I am not hurrying though.  Patience has been paying off here.  I am gaining better control of the mouse which has made detail work easier.  The colors have been easy to recreate.  They have been mostly shades of gray.  I am thinking more and more that this bird should have been named the Gray Hen Chicken.  In all honesty, I have yet to use any blue coloring with this drawing.  I am hoping to be finished by next week.

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