Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Cartoon

Warning:  I have started another one of my ridiculous cartoons.  It is another example of taking an old cliche and turning it backwards.  I seem to have a sense of obligation of doing that and bringing it to the attention of the cyber public.  This is more of a mixed media effort.  It involves a common tool, a napkin, and my $100 printer/copier/scanner.  Drawing and painting will be done with jpeg.  I know my mixed media projects are pretty chintzy.  My art supplies are pretty much the same as those found in kindergarten classrooms, and it is a similar experience, except these days I no longer eat the paste.  These same art supplies are usually stored in two plastic cups.  What can I say?  I try to do the best with what I know and what I have.  I do have kind of a goal to be a mixed media type cartoonist.  It seems to be a fit for me, since I am a goofball by nature anyway.  I haven't seen much of that from anyone else out there.  That could be good or bad I guess.  I do enjoy my dumb cartoons though.  I honestly believe that humor fuels my creativity.  I also like to work on multiple projects simultaneously.  It seems to keep me from getting too bored or frustrated.  If one project is making me tear my hair out, I can switch to the other one to divert my attention.

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