Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Connecticut Map

I did some more work on drawing the boundary of the Connecticut map.  It's slow going and not terribly interesting.  I want to make it as accurate as I can though.  The coastline is going to be a pretty liberal approximation though.  It would take forever to produce an exact representation of The coast.  Since the focus of this project is going to be on  the bird, I am not going to get overly fixated about the details of the background.  My drawing has improved.  I remember on my Alabama map,   I managed to make the state's small southern panhandle look like a tonsil.  I did ok on Arkansas even though my efforts on the Mississippi River were a another liberal approximation.  I only featured  a partial representation of that map anyway. 

I am going to use a photoshop lighting filter application.  I am toying with the idea of trying to copy the colors of the lighting then drawing them freehand. I figured out the way to do that.  I actually did some freehand background color blending on my Colorado card using that method. converting photoshop color effects to jpeg could be a good way to learn how to mix colors.  I really want to learn how to blend light and shadow on my art without having to use automatic filters so much.

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