Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hard Copy Woes

I made some progress on my atc. The only obstacle that is still a problem is the printer. It won't print yellow at all. The overall resolution is bad as well. I am going to have to take it somewhere to get a good quality image. Tomorrow, I will get back to my journal. Kelly insists that we create the journal with items that we already have and not go out and buy a bunch of stuff. What I did, of course, was head to the Hobby Lobby. There were some things that she suggests we use that I didn't have. I bought what I needed, as well as, stuff that I really didn't need. I ended up spending more for supplies than what I spent on the class. I have to stay out of the Hobby Lobby. There is a phenomenal correlation between my trips there and precipitous drops in my bank balance.

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