Saturday, May 5, 2012

First ATC-Alabama's state bird

After one screw-up after another, I have finished the image for my first artist's trading cart, the state bird of Alabama. The frustration was well worth it though. I tried painting the card with the painting tool the image properties provides (similar to photoshop). I have gotten fairly proficient with painting with the mouse. The menu, however didn't provide the right kind of colors. I was content to approximate them and I was going along smoothly, but somehow in the process of constantly re-sizing the image the resolution got ruined and the image was hopelessly blurred. I had to start over, so I used two new photos with cardstock as a background and did the whole thing over. I'm glad, because this version is better. The bird has its' actual colors. I have to remember not to print out a downloaded photo on my lousy printer again. Instead, I will scan the photos into the computer.

This is dedicated to Wylie Burns, a native of Alabama, my wife's grandfather. He was a wonderful grandfather and father, who also served in the navy during World War I.

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  1. Jon, this is wonderful! You did a terrific job on this. Thank you so much for remembering Renee's grandpa, in such an artistic way! :D He would love your creativity -- I know this positively. He was so proud to be from Alabama! :D