Monday, May 28, 2012

California Dream

Here is the strategy for the California ATC.   I am going to attempt once again to paint a photo image. I tried this before with the Alabama card and really crashed and burned on it.  I have learned a couple of things since then, however.  To start with, I am going to paint a grayscale copy of the color original. It's a good idea to have copies made in case mistakes are made.  I learned that the hard way as usual.  I have also learned how to change color values  to make them match the actual colors of the image.  Last of all, but not least of all, I won't constantly change the size of the image.  That was my major downfall last time.  I also plan to do some freehand background work.  There is a really cool photoshop application I want to try as well.  Hopefully, it will blend everything in well.  This will be my most ambitious and probably time-consuming effort to date.  Maintaining my patience will be vital.

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