Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Major Breakthrough

I have achieved a major breaktrhrough which will have a huge impact on my artwork from now on! I have learned how to have two images on the screen at the same time. It's really so simple and it's something that I actually knew how to do already. I can just kick myself for not figuring it  out sooner! All I had to do was make the windows smaller. That's it! I could have saved myself all kinds of heartache. Well I now know what to do. That's the important thing. By having my reference material side by side with my project window, I will have a much easier time drawing and painting. I now have the color photo of the quail positioned side by side to the grayscale photo that I am painting. It's going great! Hoo! Hoo! I will also have a much easier time drawing background material. It's time to be jazzed!

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