Sunday, May 27, 2012

Arizona ATC-Cactus Wren

The Arizona card is done! I am quite pleased with it. I got a great picture to work with and the rest of it went well from there. I did quite a bit of freehand work with the mouse. I drew the cactus on the orange background freehand, as well as, much of the text. I still had to use a jpeg text box for the small print of the scientific name. This bird's scientific name, even in small print, is longer than the bird itself. I have never seen a Cactus Wren. It is considerably larger than most wren species. Freehand drawing with a mouse is painstakingly difficult, yet very rewarding once a goal gets accomplished. I also did some of the usual photoshop gimmickry with the colors. I find it necessary to get the photo to blend in more with the background artwork. Now, it's on to California. Here we come!


  1. Well done, Jon! This is outstanding. Love the colors.... :D

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your comments and support.

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