Friday, June 21, 2013

The Duke of Duct Tape

  This is my Dad. He was an eccentric character. Life was never dull when he was around. Dad considered himself a self-taught jack-of-all-trades. Duct Tape was one of his favorite tools for all purpose use. Dad's Rube Goldberg approach to home improvement projects has made him a family legend, who I am sure will go down in history for generations to come.

     In all seriousness, though, Dad was a very talented artist. He was actually a professional artist of a sort. He worked as a cartographer for the U.S. Forest service for 30 years. He worked during an era when maps were still being drawn by hand. My Dad really excelled at his craft. He also liked oil painting as a hobby and he created some very nice paintings. Unfortunately they all were destroyed in a house fire. I miss my Dad a lot. He was a real hoot!

This image is a very simple merging of two photographs. I have been focusing a lot of my efforts lately at merging photos and drawings together using GIMP. I am still in the learning process of using the applications. I hope to create more complex collages for future projects.

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