Sunday, July 29, 2012

More About Color Inversions

I love to invert colors in my artwork.  The inversions tend to create some cool and vibrant results.  Color inversions are simply this:  Each color on the spectrum has an opposite color.  The opposite value of a color is created with the addition or subtraction of the color red.  The maximum value of a color on the spectrum is 255.  As an example, red has a red value of 255, while it's opposite color green has a red value of 0.  If you want to find a opposite of a color with a red value of 200, you would subtract 200 from 255 which gives you 55. The red value of 55 would then give you the opposite or inverse color.

I am showing an example of one of my state bird cards.  I have inverted the colors on the cards.  If you look closely, you will see that the orange and blue colors have reversed themselves on the cards. 
That is, because, this shade of orange, and this shade of blue, are opposites.  On the color spectrum, orange has a red value of 255, while blue has a red value of 0.  Photoshop and jpeg both have color editing features which enables you to create inverted colors by adjusting the red values.  You can also do it the easy way by clicking select all in jpeg and then clicking invert colors.  In Photoshop,  just click the colors drop-down tab and then click invert.  I find the world of colors more and more fascinating as I learn about them.

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