Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado ATC-Lark Bunting

Well, it is done!  It is finally done.  As mentioned in the last post, most of this card was done freehand.  There was some photoshop embellishment done with the background pattern, and the color balances and hues were adjusted.  The text at the bottom was created with a jpeg text box.  Everything else was drawn freehand with the mouse.  The hardest part of drawing for me, whether it is conventional or done on the computer, is getting angles and proportions drawn accurately.  The main reason this project took so long is the fact that I had do a lot of stuff over and over, because I got the angle, proportion, or both drawn incorrectly.  I do like to draw with the mouse.  It is hard, but with practice, it is do-able.  I like the safety net the jpeg menu provides which makes it easier to correct mistakes than it is with conventional drawing.  The color palette makes it possible to create endless color possibilities.  As a beginning artist, it's working well for me.

The Lark Bunting inhabits the western Great Plains region of America.  All of Colorado east of the Rocky Mountains lies in this region.  The elevations are high, but it is pretty much flat as a pancake and semi-arid.  An anthill in eastern Colorado can be represented as a 5000-foot mountain on a map. The Lark Bunting likes to make it's habitat in sagebrush and other plants that grow in the region.

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  1. Jon,

    Each new picture is better than the one before..... This is a wonderful bird! You are doing a bang-up job on everything you touch! I can't imagine using a mouse to draw anything! I've tried it and I know how hard it is. I have to hand it to you, kiddo -- you're on to something great! :)

  2. I agree - you are doing an amazing job!