Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First ATC-Prototype

I was busy today with a couple of things. I started the art journal for my class. The first step was to tape the pages of the book together. I very quickly found out how inept I am at bindery. Tape has always been a struggle for me. The larger the tape, the larger the problem. Think of a cat who entangles itself in a ball of yarn. That is how I am with tape. After wasting tape and some cardstock, I finally got the pages together. I hope it's downhill from there.

I also have a rough prototype of my first artist trading card (the state bird of Alabama), which I am posting. This was created from photoshop gimmickry. I plan to print it out and recolor it by hand. A significant obstacle is the fact that I have a cheap printer, which doesn't print stuff very well. The colors don't look near as good as they do onscreeen. I got what I paid for that is for sure!

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