Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Do-over

I actually reworked the Alaska card last night. I just didn't like the look of it. There were a couple of noticeable spot marks near the head of the bird and the overall image was too rough. I went ahead and did it over. I repainted the stars, and then in photoshop I applied the clothify filter from the filter menu and adjusted the hue and saturation from the colors menu. That was it. The first image had almost every filter element on the menu applied to it, and it did more harm than good in my mind. The clothify feature gave it a smoother texture and eliminated much of the spotting. It also made the text easier to read.  If I had the money to spend, I would much rather scan photos into the computer rather than download them and print them out. To get decent results from a printer, you need good photo paper, which isn't cheap. When I actually print out hard copies of these cards, I am going to have to go somewhere that has quality printing.

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