Thursday, January 3, 2013

Florida at Last!

After a three-month hiatus, I am finally ready to begin my next state bird card.  Florida's bird will be the subject, and as you can see, this is a repeat performer-the Northern Mockingbird.  It was, of course, first featured on the Arkansas card.  This bird enjoys enormous popularity in the southeastern states. It is the state bird of five different states in the region. This is a rough prototype for the project. I drew the bird with pencil and color pens. I then photographed it with my cell phone and sent it to my e-mail account. From there, I downloaded it to the blog. This is how I have been getting my artwork on-line without having my own computer.

This will be a new and different challenge for me. I am going to attempt to draw it with GIMP tools. My previous drawings were done with jpeg tools which I no longer have access to.  I don't know much about GIMP tools. The learning curve is going to take quite a while.  My computer sessions at the library are only for one hour at a time, therefore, that is going to add more time to the project as well.  I will give it my best shot though. I really miss drawing with the mouse. I do like doing conventional sketches, but I get more artistic satisfaction and enjoyment with the mouse. 


  1. This sounds like a very fascinating project. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

    1. Thank you Seth. I really appreciate your comments. I am trying to do the best that I can with what I have. I do believe, however, that there are no obstacles to making art as long as you have an imagination.