Monday, October 1, 2012

Delaware-Blue Hen Chicken

Here it is!  It's the state bird of Delaware, the Blue Hen Chicken.  I know!  It's not really blue.  At least the model I used wasn't blue, but it was the best photo I could find.  As a bonus, I threw in a couple of peach blossoms which happen to be Delaware's state flower.

This was more of a mixed-media effort than the last couple of projects.  I used a piece of stained glass for the background and a paper cutout for the Delaware map.  I thought the light from the scanner created an interesting effect on the stained glass with different colors.  During this project, I figured out a way to do legible handwriting.  The word Delaware was written freehand.  I hope you can read it ok.  My source photo for drawing the chicken was from:  The source photo for drawing the flowers was from:

This is going to be my last project for awhile.  I am re-locating, and I won't have a computer for awhile.  I am going to have to go back to drawing the old-fashioned way for the time being.  The next bird in the series will be a repeat performer.  It will be the state bird of Florida, the Northern Mockingbird,  which has already appeared representing Arkansas.  I have no idea when or how it will be done.   I would now like to thank everybody who has provided support and encouragement for my fledgling art endeavors.  They have mainly been family members and other artists.  I really appreciate your comments.  Until I am on-line again, take care!  Art really does save!

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