Sunday, July 15, 2012

Connecticut Background (Again)

Ok, here it is:  The Connecticut background has been reworked.  It is a closer match to the photoshop original.  I knew this would be hard to do, and I was right.  The transition areas between colors and shades of colors were the hardest to do.  They required precision, minute adjustments to color values.  I also figured out how to create a lighting effect on the upper right corner of the boundary.  I painted over the boundary with the white marker tool.  I then use the jpeg eyedropper thingy to recreate the pinkish color that was left.  From there, I used the pencil tool to blend it all in.

Freehand Example
Photoshop Example
The good news is that I am finally ready to move on to the next stage of the project.  The bad news is that this stage will actually be the hardest part of the project; that is drawing the bird!  I downloaded another photo as a reference for drawing.  I decided the first photo didn't show enough of the bird. For a very common bird, there wasn't a lot of good pictures to choose from unfortunately.

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