Monday, June 4, 2012

Bovine Simile

Most of us love to use slang, such as, similes, metaphors and idioms. Livestock are no exception to this habit of using these figures of speech.  Their simile,  "he is like a clumsy human dancing on eggshells", describes a bovine klutz who leaves a path of destruction everywhere he goes. What happened here at this place of business is a classic example. If there is a moral to this story, it would be: "Never open a china shop at the stockyards!"

This was actually quite frustrating to do. I made some big mistakes. The worst one was making (I can't believe I did this again) another re-sizing goof-up that wiped away a whole night's work. What happened was that I saved the image when it was at a very large size. The entire image was not visible in the window. I saved it like that. Then I closed the window. I ended up cutting off the majority of my image leaving only a portion of it. It's like accidentally cropping a huge portion of a photograph unintentionally. I did have a copy available, so I didn't have to do the whole thing over. I make sure I make copies now: because I do goof-up a lot. I had to do the text in the caption three times before it was legible. I did it by hand before I scanned the image into the computer. It turned out to be too small, too dark, and too unreadable period. There is another thing but I won't mention it. I kind of hope that nobody notices it.

Here are the elements and techniques that I used for this piece:  Water color paper, water color crayon, markers, napkin, sketch paper, downloaded photograph, masking tape, scanner, jpeg and photoshop graphics.

I did some editing on this a few days after I posted it.  I just wasn't satisfied with the way it was. The main problem was that I had the main focal points which were the building and the TV too slanted from being perpendicular to the vertical edge of the image and with each other as well.  Therefore, I fixed it by making the whole thing uniformly slanted.  I do believe overall that this is a significant improvement.


  1. You have the patience of a saint, Jon. It sure can get involved. . . but it keeps you off the streets! LOL


    1. Thanks! Did you notice the numbers above the door of the china shop?