Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On to Alaska!

I have a couple of photos downloaded for the next artist trading card. The subject will be Alaska's state bird-the Willow Ptarmigan. This bird is a member of the grouse family. It's appearance changes considerably from  summer to winter, which helps to camoflauge it from predators. The one main difference for this card from the last one, is that I will actually be drawing the bird using the photo as a model. I am thinking of incorporating another element, also, depending on if it blends well.

I also completed a couple more elements for my journal today. They should have been simple to manufacture. I don't work that way however. I have this talent for making unfixable errors just as the project is nearing completion. In the process, I figured out what to do with my water color crayons by reading the instructions on the box. This was after using them the wrong way for quite some time and wasting a bunch of materials. Just like a man huh! 

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