Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Introduction or Warning

Hello! I have taken up mixed media art as a hobby. It has already escalated from a hobby to an addiction. I have the bug and I have it bad! I am winging it as I go trying to study from books and then applying what I am in the process of learning. My art resources are limited, therefore I am making lemonade from my lemons. Here is a couple of examples:  One is a self-portrait and the other is an altered photograph I took at Mt. Hood in Oregon.


  1. I am pleased you have an activity that keeps you totally interested. I strongly suggest something for those teeth, however..... LOL
    Love the purple hearts!

  2. Hi Jon, Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! Congrats on your new adventures in mixed media. It looks like you are having fun! Just remember, regardless as to what anyone says you don't need a lot of STUFF to make art. :) A work surface, a favorite pen or two, and then a small selection of your medium of choice. :) You can always email me if you want to pick my brain!